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Inspired by the Dark Time Sunshine song "Run" and Darren Aranofsky's film "Pi," the song revolves around an ethereal 3 note piano melody which inspired in me rich imagery of rain soaked streets, swirling vortexes of oil and water and all the conflicting forces inside that result in the creative outpouring.

Full blog post on the creative process behind this track:



soak streets as we mingle upon these instrumentals
the occurence of brainstorm is not coincidental/
i brought you here to lend an ear to hear the kid’s potential/
but also to quench the the thirst within you/


no need to (run) for the hills, plants sit on window sills and absorb/
golden rays, summer days, save this feeling for/
long nights in the dark, i know i’ve seen em before/
what i’m less prepared for, is light through open doors/

now i know how it feels, now i just want it more
the street gives birth to steam, from rain colder than war/
like water mixing with oil, i’ve got a turbulent core/
but i was put here to boil, thats how the steel is forged

but there’s a limit to the logic, consistency is needed
for me to finish the project/
the images i watch flicker for an instant, then... lost it
few and far between like the drip of a faucet/

that causes madness/ i only get inspired when i’m at work
and can’t write, my ideas are at risk/
like youth that never get a chance to be born/
when it rains it pours, ‘scuse me while i dance in the storm


sand mixing with water i dip my feet in/
when you runnin from the world’s problems, you find the beach, quick/2
stare at that abyss for a bit, it seems welcoming, drowning in slow mo,
the sound of the sea sheltering me/4
i breathe helplessly, shallow like a tide pool/
yearning for the ultimate deep breath revival/6
with each step, they telling me that one set of prints shit/
you only get one life, that’s one set of prints bitch/8
on the tip of your fingers to be specific/
if you die now then say goodbye to wiggling digits/10
on drum pads, as a lad I madly defy physics/
no stolen credit card, my identity’s getting lifted/12
now shit’s a bit different i’m trying to find a new me/
usually defined myself by what i’m losing/14
now i redefine myself by what I’m choosing/
evaporate the pain but rain comes with the moodswing/16
don’t it/ it give birth to the opus, that brings focus
to the feelings and purpose to these moments/
you can see it in my face every time i perform/
if i seem calm, its cause i’m in the eye of the storm, c’mon/


the sign reads slippery when wet/
the slope’s a little steep for your perfectly measured half steps/
you gotta dive into something deeper than that, just
abandon all doubt, expand the walls out/tall order4
for the drawers of borders with bad boundaries/
habitual self sabotage that cause floundering/
in small ponds, we all make bonds in the wrong foundary/
sometime, cast in a mold of flawed alchemy/8 maybe,
but maybe we’re just wound up like crazy/
trapped in a labyrinth, the eye of the storm babies/10
only a single thread of my sanity for a savior,
follow it through the tunnels of deep embedded behaviors/12
and running ain’t get you nowhere but back on the first page and/
even if i skipped every crack on the earth’s pavement/14
I’d still be who I am, and that’s what the world made me/
so time to stop holding it and start raining/16

time to stop holding it in and start changing/


released September 9, 2015



all rights reserved



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